If you want to see a buffalo up close and personal – there’s no better destination to go than to Buffalo, South Dakota. A small town in Harding County, South Dakota, it was named after the large herds of South Dakota buffalo which roamed the place once.

In the early times, buffalos were hunted for food, clothing, and even shelter. American Indians killed buffalos using spears and arrows, and the women cut up the meat to create jerky and turn hide into clothing. While there was as much as 60 million buffalo roaming North America in the 1600s, buffalos were nearly extinct by year 1890. Fortunately, five buffalo calves were rescued by Frederick Dupree on 1881, which later on became a herd bought by Scotty Philipp in 1901. By the year 2000, buffalo population has reached 250,000 and is slowly regaining their numbers.

Nowadays, one can hunt buffalos legally within a licensed game preserve. Buffalos are massive and strong creatures, and if you are able to hunt one, this would surely be an unparalleled experience. In South Dakota Buffalo, you can find several ranches from which you can come face to face with the great buffalo. When going on a South Dakota Buffalo hunt, the best time would be during the winter, when buffalo coats are most dense.

Even though you are not hunting buffalos in the wild, South Dakota Buffalo ranches make your hunting experience as exciting and thrilling as possible by allowing their South Dakota buffalo herds to roam freely around acres of fields, groves, orchards, and bogs. The buffalos are not tame and used to humans, so you can still feel the similar exhilaration of hunting an animal in the wild. Surely, a trophy buffalo hunt experience is more than what you get with most types of animal.